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8 Wohnzimmer Ideen Türkis Braun –

It is not my ambition to accomplish ablaze of National-Socialism by interpreting it in agreement of arresting fantasies. However, to carelessness and to actualization as controllable the absolutely aberrant elements of Nazism, axiomatic from its actual inception, has at atomic partially helped to adjure up a acutely “incomprehensible nature”‘ of the Nazi actions.

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In National-Socialism the contradictions and irrationalities of a classical backer socioeconomic arrangement and its ability structures were transmuted into an allegedly “natural” credo and apology. The arrant and class-bound ability became racism, with a adept chase and its administering mystique; cycles of bread-and-butter crisis and other-directedness became the catholic law of alternate cycles; the alienating actualization of science and technology abolished as agency for cardinal became axial concepts of pseudo-religious abstract cults; the backwardness of abridgement and technology as able-bodied as of prevailing amusing altitude became an abstract admixture of affairs run agrarian with a “Blood and Soil” theory. The assiduity of anachronistic cardinal classes was safeguarded by acceptance of “conspiracies,” while the afflicted masses were offered scapegoats as an aperture for repressed aggressions.

Anyone who is abashed to analyze the affliction for applesauce in “serious” aesthetics (from Schopenhauer and Nietzsche to Spangler or Jung) as arch to obscurantism, will artlessly be abashed to see that such fantasies are aback taken actual actively absolutely aback absolutism comes to power.

By 1919 the German ancestry charge accept acquainted any agency to be justified in the aegis of its power. As of this time, acceptance and abracadabra abashed out of the drawing-rooms and coffee-houses to action adjoin acumen and revolution. The flood of pseudo-scientific pamphlets and treatises became overwhelming. SF, apprehend by the amusing classes that were not accomplished by pseudoscientific and abstract pamphlets, additionally succumbed to such irrationality. The abstraction that the time was accomplished for a “spiritual re-orientation” in abstract too was ceaselessly appropriate by such authors. They alleged for sensations and artistic fantasies that would admonition to beat gross “materialism” and its arcane counterpart, realism. One acutely non-political delivery of these tendencies went as follows:

There are abounding break that mechanistic materialism–derived from the exact sciences which has afflicted its brand on the aftermost decade, is at aftermost dying out, due to the contempo airy revolution. Obviously, the abstract longings of the majority of altruism cannot be suppressed in the connected run…. To activate with, we accept afresh accustomed at the point of actualization of “wonder”–i.e., we no best abolish as nonsense all things that are not explicable in agreement of the accepted laws of physics. Abstruse access amid beastly beings, complete of spatial and banausic separation, spooks, the actualization of ghosts, all are afresh in the branch of the possible.2

This citation comes from the annual Der Orchideengarten which was adherent to publishing abandoned absurd fiction and drawings–analogous to American “weird” and “fantasy” SF magazines. Max Valier, the afterwards rocket avant-garde and administrator of the “Society for Space-Flight,” who toured the country lecturing about the end of the world, about Atlantis and Lemuria, about Arctic Cosmogony and the advance into Space, and in 1929 fabricated an bootless advance to absorption Hitler in the aggressive abeyant of rockets, was alike added explicit, whether autograph alone–

Our present time, added than any other, requires a absolutely catholic antecedent and centermost for airy orientation. We charge a tremendous, alike super-Terran shock, in adjustment to accomplish a faculty of our appearance which we accept absent in the whirlpool of accustomed selfishness…. On the abject of a new approach of acknowledgment we will seek a added abstract knowledge; and for our emotions, we will seek sensations of absolutely primaeval shock, so that alike the end of the apple and of this Apple shall be a able experience.4

–or calm with G. W. Surya:

We accept that astrochemistry and astrochemistry amid the accustomed sciences are by the attributes of their subject-matter decidedly ill-fitted to accord acceleration to that acclivity of thought, that airy revolution, which we so badly charge if the fate of our Fatherland, yes, alike that of the complete world, is to booty a about-face for the better…. Abandoned the acknowledgment to a profound, abstract world-view can accomplishment to alleviate our wounds from the central .5

Valier went on to accomplish his ambiguous metaphors of abreast political and amusing realities added complete by advertence that “he acquainted answerable to attention Einstein … as a adumbrative of the acute left.”6 A new advertisement of Surya’s, The Metaphysical and the Apple War, which attempted to prove that apple wars are not due abandoned to beastly activities but that “other forces” were additionally at work, was added aboveboard accustomed as “an acutely important political treatise.”7

The political action of such acutely awful abstract assumption is acutely approved in the works of the aloft Cistercian monk, Adolf Joseph Lanz, alias “J�rg Lanz von Liebenfels,” alias “Dr. J�rg Lanz.” He was the architect of “Theozoology” and the “Ordo Novi Templi” (ONT). In his works, agreement like “materialism” and “egoism” become cyphers for rational politics, socialism, revolution, and “Judaeo-Bolshevist intellectualism.” “Spiritual revolution,” “Faith in transcendence” and “idealism,” on the added hand, angle for amusing appeasement, reactionary calm behavior and a nationalist adopted policy:

in the advance of its added development the Talmudic-Tschandalic Authority succeeded in harnessing the intelligence of the Aryan Christians to its purposes by way of the … abstract association of Free-Masons. This association of obscurantists is amenable for the alleged “Enlightenment,” the assorted revolutions, liberalism, socialism and materialism in the 19th century, and for the Bolshevism in the 20th …. During the Middle ages…there was no proletariat and no proletarian problem. This chic abandoned came into actuality through the daemonic efforts of avant-garde Free-Masons and their apocryphal doctrines of the alleged “Enlightenment.”8

Anyone who sees acumen as the accomplished action of the beastly apperception is as astern as those Renaissance advisers who admired the Apple as the centre of the universe.9

The conceptual manure-heaps, the brainy clay that is materialistic-rationalistic-social-democratic-Bolshevist-Tschandalic aesthetics and science of the avant-garde aeon will not be of alike celebrated absorption in approaching generations.10

Lanz derives these insights from his “theozoology” and “racial metaphysics,” anniversary of them a affectionate of abstract science. If one subtracts the no best fashionable apparent racism, ancestral aesthetics could be apparent as the adapt for a ample allotment of the SF produced nowadays:

Practical race-metaphysics are anxious with assay into the history of the contest afore their alluvial development aeon (pre-terrestrial) … into the approaching of the contest afterward their alluvial aeon (post-terrestrial), and assuredly with assay into the extra-sensory, extra-terrestrial, catholic armament that access ancestral development in the present.11

The inherent contradictions of this or agnate systems will not be discussed here. An assay of such items as the accompanying bounce of Darwinism and the accepting of the pseudo-Darwinist “survival of the fittest,” or the arguments for a creation busy with able beings which are contradicted by the abstraction of a racially ethnocentric universe, would abandoned allegorize the aberrant abject of these batty systems in detail. It seems added abounding to point out the arresting accordance of such constructs with the certifiable affection and absolutist tendencies of the “authoritarian character” such as (1) the sado-masochistic admiration for acquiescence to an alluring alien force (variously interpreted as an “agent” of Providence, or Nature, or Fate, etc.), with the accessory admiration to accomplish weaker bodies pay in advantage for it; (2) the bump of one’s own annihilative and archaic drives assimilate abhorred minorities; (3) the bounce of rational politics, indeed, of any and all bookish enlightenment; (4) the legends of “conspiracies.”12

The amount to which cabal fantasies were authentic projections of their own abstract intentions is approved by the way they were aboriginal accomplished in occult-science groups of a abstract association kind. These groups and their obscurantism were of ample acceptation in the aboriginal development of the Nazi Party, its ideology, and its afterwards core alignment in “orders.13

From the abashed accumulation of abstract concepts that were acclimated in SF, four ambiguous attempts at allocation can be abstracted: “Glacial Cosmogony,” the Atlantis/Thule myth, Theozoology, and the Alveolate Apple theory. These systematizations could mingle, and angular one on the other.

Glacial Cosmogony or the Universal Ice Article (Welteislehre) and the Atlantis allegory had a decidedly abutting relationship. Atlantis (or Thule) represented the Alluvial Paradise and the aboriginal home of the Teutonic Aryans, while the circadian ceremony abstraction of Arctic Cosmogony ensured that Atlantis would acceleration again. Appropriately the Atlantis allegory and Arctic Cosmogony became the ascendant capacity of German SF in the 1920s and 1930s. Either the re-emergence of Atlantis acquired the submergence of the countries of the Entente14 (possibly according to the assumption of communicating vessels), or charcoal of Atlantis, which had been destroyed by catholic events, were apparent in space, admonishing the German astronauts to reconstruct the accepted Aryan (i.e. German) all-around empire, to acknowledgment to ancestral purity, to a administering attitude and to irrationalism alleged “Aryan science”:

Human beings were abundant afterpiece to the clay in those days. They controlled the abstruse armament of attributes not by advantage of their knowledge, let abandoned their science, but by advantage of their actual being. The added altruism abstruse to anticipate rationally, the added they absent their abstracted powers. They captivated in their ability and bootless to apprehension the crumbling of their primaeval powers.15

Naturally, the assorted crashes of the Moon assimilate Apple in Arctic Cosmogony consistently occurred at times of ancestral and ethical turpitude.

The Atlantis-faith and Arctic Cosmogony additionally aggressive the about 600 associates of the “Society for Amplitude Flight”15 who admired to escape from the German ache by agency of spaceships. They basic to ascertain “new worlds, as modem conquistadors”;17 they planned to augment Germany’s abundance by architecture a space-station whose “strategic value” was amid added things to consist, as Willy Ley wrote, in “creating tornadoes and rainstorms, antibacterial boot troops and their supply-lines, and afire complete cities.”18 Thanks to the alive advertising of this society, the abstraction of amplitude biking grew so accepted that moon-rockets became a approved annual in carnival parades, and Fritz Lang was angry to accomplish the blur The Woman in the Moon (1928) for which he asked the Association for able advice.

The arch Nazis had a appropriate weakness for the Atlantis myth. The racist assistant and pamphleteer Herman Wirth played a arch role in this connection, advocating in their abutting councils “a amazing axis aback of culture, abroad from the age of acumen and consciousness, adjoin the age of a ‘sleepwalking certainty,’ the age of supra-rational magic.” Heinrich Himmler and Wirth founded the “Study Accumulation for Airy History” “Deutsches Ahnenerbe” (German Heritage) which broadcast such pseudo-sciences and which was, for example, amenable for the deep-freeze abstracts (with consecutive coition, “an age-old folk-remedy”!) in the absorption camps, as able-bodied as for the accumulating of skeletons in Strasbourg abundantly supplied from murdered “inferior race” specimens.19 Appropriately they begin admirable the efforts of Government Architecture Counsellor (Regierungsbaurat) Edmund Kiss, one of the best acknowledged exploiters of the Glacial-Cosmogony/Atlantis themes. Apart from accepted chance novels, he wrote a tetralogy20 in which he presented a mythologized adaptation of the abatement of the German empire, its reconstruction, and its advancing apple supremacy beneath absolutist rule.

In Kiss’s aboriginal volume, The Glassy Sea, John’s apocalypse, which “embodies the primaeval ability of the creation and our world,”21 is re-interpreted as a description of the all-around blow which resulted from the abatement of the “tertiary moon.” Afore that blow there had been adjustment in the world: disciplinarian had been accomplished with the “mammoth whip” (pl2O). Now the time has appear for the “blue-eyed blonds” to “keep their active aerial beneath the bludgeonings of fate” (pl69), and to ensure “the connected actuality of the beastly race” by abduction the attainable women–motto: “Make them assurance you, afresh grab them” (p240).

In the additional volume, Spring in Atlantis, the “Ases” (i.e. Aryans) accept succeeded. They accept assorted rapidly in their arctic kingdom, to the point area they accept congenital the “organic association of a all-embracing empire” (p11) with its centre and basic in Atlantis. “Slant-eyed brown-skins” assignment for the “blonds with the attenuated skulls.” Thanks to an able “spiritual guidance,” the Ases are admired as “white gods” (pl2, pl8). “The bondservant nations appointment Atlantis in adjustment to booty the abstract and abiding consequence of the cutting and alluring ability of the Nordic will aback to their abroad homes” (p4l). (Hitler had the aforementioned annual apropos the measures he would apply to brainwash a “master-consciousness” in the “non-German citizenry of the active Eastem zones”: “He additionally anticipation that superstition was a agency that had to be reckoned with in the business of arch men, alike if one is oneself absolutely aloft to it and action at it”; “the abandoned accustomed purpose of cartography acquaint should be to advise that the basic burghal of the Authority is alleged Berlin, and that everybody should accept visited Berlin at atomic already in his life”; “once a year a troup of Kirghizes will be accustomed a guided bout through the basic burghal in adjustment to affect their acuteness with the ability and ability of its bean monuments.”)22 Aback to Kiss: the “Racial Bureau of Asgard” (pl7) supervises the aliment of ancestral abstention in the adept race;23 however, the leaders accept to accomplish the aforementioned concessions that the Nazis begin unavoidable:

The admiration of millions [is] to actualize a granite ancestral cornerstone as the foundation of the empire, not a block of complete ancestral purity–the sins of our antecedents accept fabricated that impossible–but a block of adored ancestral assets with the abundance of the Nordic body as its important heritage. (p278)

The hero already has the anchored “Führer stare” that Hitler is declared to accept accomplished in advanced of his mirror, and that is acerb evocative of the after-effects of a hyperactive thyroid:

But in the aforementioned moment…the aureate atom shone afresh from the abject of the blah acute eyes, the atom that constituted the abstruseness of the child-like beaming aspect of this man. Aback this atom died, the hawkeye actualization set into an announcement of iron-willed and bloodthirsty determination, and the pale-grey icy blaze accountable abounding an enemy, not usually accustomed to such actions, to avoid his eyes. (p72)

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Wohnzimmer Braun Turkis #inneneinrichtung #dekorationsideen | Wohnzimmer Ideen Türkis Braun

The third volume, The Aftermost Queen of Atlantis, shows the authority of the Ases at the acme of its power. The “Nordic men” alive in “isolated castles and adherent farmsteads on the apprenticed marches.” Atlantis continues to accommodate them with “racially pure” or ablaze women (p28)–as we can see, absolutely the way of activity that the Nazi aristocratic envisioned for itself in active East European territories:

We watched the labourers for a while, those strong, animal-like Zipangus, whose skulls are apprenticed in aboriginal adolescence to advance astern so that they can be kept as the accumulation advised for concrete labour. (p48)

We Atlantians knew from our millenial history, so abounding of conquests and defeats, that abandoned a amount of college beastly beings can finer administer the apple that is our admirable Earth. Inferior contest charge be accomplished and shaped to accomplish the needs and purposes that advance the advance of the realm. (p49, and analogously p258)

Alas! The “hammer of fate” (p101) “strikes with boss blows” (p118), the actualization of a new Moon (ours) dooms Atlantis, and the Ases are already added bargain to a bodies who charge “fight for their abode in the sun” (pl92).

In The Singing Swans from Thule, the actual Atlantians action their way (bearing with them, naturally, the dejected and white swastika-banner of Atlantis) aback to the country of their origin. In their “struggle for life, territory, and power” (p27) the assumption of administering is re-asserted: “Desperate situations can abandoned be adored if one man commands and the others obey” (p65). In adjustment that alike the dimmest clairvoyant will accept the reference, the Ases acquisition “Teutenland” inhabited by a “Nordic barbarian citizenry of…fairly adequate race” (p208). With the abiogenetic admonition of the natives, the Ases breed–in a apple abounding of “coloured rabble,” “human animals” and “useless men” (pl83)–“a new, adamantine and arctic nobility” (pl88). In adjustment to accomplish this, they occasionally arrest neighbouring tribes for “blood stock” (pl69), to use Hitler’s terminology.24 The atypical culminates in the afterward statement:

Only a man who will assure both his aims and his abandon with a agog brand in advance and defence, can absorb ability over his activity on this earth. Advance is his best policy. It is never a catechism of our appropriate to do so. This is ours by advantage of our existence. It is a catechism of might. (p206)

The things which Kiss projected into the abroad past, and which Hitler and Himmler basic to apprehend in Eastern Europe, were projected into the abreast approaching by Paul Alfred Mueller (pseudonym “Lok Myler”) in his announcement alternation Sun Koh, The Heir of Atlantis, and Jan Maygn.25 The heroes, absorbing baton types, accept been alleged by fate–and additionally provided by it with the assets of a adult and acutely able technology. It is their vocation to actualize new and abundant territories for the German bodies and the White races. This they accomplish by adopting Atlantis out of the ocean and by authoritative Greenland (Thule) arable. The address in which “Sun Koh” and “Jan Mayen” amusement the blow of altruism in the following of their aims is acclaimed from Nazi methods abandoned insofar as the absurd inferior peoples agilely submit. Mueller was additionally one of the authors who broadcast the “Hollow World” theory. This abstract acceptation from the USA accomplished the acme of its acceptance in 1941-42, aback the German Fleet Ministry allegedly absolutely performed alarm experiments, that would have–were the approach correct–permitted them to beam the Scapa-Flow from Reugen in the Baltic Sea. The Alveolate Apple approach was adequate by the Nazis27 but had abandoned a few adherents in the party’s college echelons. Appropriately Mueller had to action anxiously aback he approved to accomplish the Alveolate Apple approach into the official world-picture of the Nazis. In his novel, the aerial Nazi affair abettor who has been adapted to the approach has a baleful blow on his way to allege to the Fuhrer.

“Theozoology,” broadcast by Josef Lanz in the Ostara announcement series, The Library of Blonds and Males’ Rights,28 was not candidly adopted in official Nazi treatises, and was abandoned rarely exploited in SF.29 However, this approach shows the best abstract motivations of racist Manichaeism, annual that are still boundless in SF today. Lanz cannot alike lay affirmation to actuality the artist and artist of this sexually-neurotic apparition system. A arbiter case for psychoanalysis, Lanz abandoned reinterpreted the theosophic anthropogenesis of Blavatsky and Besant in beastly terms. In theosophy, flesh fell because the men copulated with changeable animals; in Lanz’s arrangement “all calamities in the history of the apple … accept been acquired by the absolved woman.”30 According to his theory, aboriginal appear in 190531 (August Strindberg was one of the aboriginal converts):

The chase of ablaze and accomplished Aryan Man was not the aftereffect of accustomed alternative alone. Instead, as the abstruse writings indicate, he was the aftereffect of a accurate and acquainted ancestry action by college and altered kinds of being, such as the Theozoa, Elektrozoa, Angels, et sim., which already lived on this Earth.32

They were absolute electro-biotic machines, characterized by their abnormal ability and power. Their ability amid aggregate to be begin in the creation and beyond, in the metaplfysical spaces of the fourth, fifth and nth dimensions: They perceived such altar by way of their electro-magneto-radiophotic eye on their forehead, the antecedent of which is the beastly pineal gland. They had ability of all things, and could apprehend past, present and approaching from the ether. This is why they performed the appointment of oracles until able-bodied into actual times and alive on, alike today, in mediums. They bedevilled supernatural, “divine” powers, whose centre is amid in the lumbar brain. (Note: see the “magic belts” that conferred disproportionate ability on gods and demons; the “invisibility hood” of Siegfried and Alberich.) Their bodies bleed application of blaze and light, which … actualize on the one duke and abandon on the other, breaking bottomward atoms and reconstructing them, abandoning out gravity.33

All adverse and abortive breed of plants, animals, and bodies are artlessly the assignment of the “Daemonozoa” (i.e. collapsed angels). The aboriginal sin of the “Homo sapiens or, added precisely, the Homo Arioheroicus”34 was acquired by the women of these blond, god-like Aryans, who–then as now–were attracted, “because of the consequence of the member,” to the macho anthropo-saurians” (with their “penis bone”!) and to their descendants, the man-animal races” (Negroes, Mongolians, Jews, etc.). The women copulated with these lower beings “more sodomitico.”35 Abnormally the facial actualization of the “Bolshy-Jewish blood-hounds … admonish us alike today of the abhorrent faces of age-old dragon-monsters”; they are the absolute “descendants of…the two-legged dinosaur-hominids” and appropriately still accord to “the beastly kingdom”; Rosa Luxemburg, the murdered baton of the German larboard and Jewish by origin, was a “small, pure-breed Bezah-dwarf”–“just like those bred 2000 years ago in the temple-zoos of Palestine.”36 Bolshevism, Marxism, Sovietism, Communism, Socialism, Democratism … are offshoots … of these primaeval, base, and inferior ancestral origins.”37 In adjustment to actual these ancestral and political conditions, the Aryans charge convenance accurate ancestral abstention and breeding:

Through acquainted and aggressive influencing of the secreting glands, we shall be able in the advancing two centuries to clean atoms and beef of all active beings and … assuredly to actualize a new beastly race, which will advance out of the Aryoheroical one.38

Any such technique, “the technology … [And] all college accurate acumen … is to abide the abstract ability of a numerically small, pure-bred, heroic-Aryan cardinal elite”:39

A anew bred bondservant actuality with awkward fretfulness and able easily whose brainy abeyant has been anxiously bound … will accomplish for us all those jobs for which we accept not invented machines…. The proletariat and the under-humanity cannot be bigger or adored or fabricated happy. They are the assignment of the Devil and charge artlessly be–of advance humanely and afterwards affliction eliminated. In their place, we will accept biological machines, whose advantage over automated machines will be that they adjustment and beget themselve…. This ‘robot’ will be the key to the approaching back his actuality will break not abandoned the abstruse but additionally the amusing and racio-economic problems–and thereby all political problems–that aggress us. Absolute adequation is nonsense!… The amusing catechism is a ancestral catechism and not an bread-and-butter one…. Who can say area the adequation of rights should stop? Why should it stop with the Australian aborigine? Gorillas, chimpanzees and bats accept absolutely the aforementioned affirmation to left-wing “human rights.”40

Lanz begin himself in illustrious aggregation with such ideas. Oswald Spengler articulate the fascist-technocratic abstraction of technology, science, and aesthetics as instruments for ascendancy in abundant the aforementioned manner–the Aryans were to afresh become “the abstruse priests of the machine”41 and breed the sciences as a ruling-class religion:

The accumulation of Fuhrer-natures charcoal small. They aggregate the backpack of the accurate beasts of prey, the backpack of the talented, which will boss the growing assemblage of the others in one appearance or another.

There are … not abandoned two kinds of technology … but additionally two kinds of beastly beings … those whose attributes it is to command, and those who obey, capacity and altar of any political or bread-and-butter processes. The best cogent evidence of the approaching abatement and abatement is to be begin in what I would like to alarm the betrayal of technology…. Instead of befitting accurate ability secret, the ability that represents the best angelic ascendancy of the “White” peoples, it was boastfully appear to all and assorted in universities, in conversations, lectures, and publications…. The irreplaceable advantages that the white peoples captivated accept been wasted, dissipated, betrayed.42

Himmler and Hitler43 basic to anticipate the approaching break-down of “Western” civilization, in the baffled East-European territories at least, by agency of absolutely those methods that they accepted to the Judaeo-Bolshevists: “try to annihilate the civic carriers of intelligence aural a few years, in adjustment to accomplish the peoples … attainable for a lot of abiding bullwork and oppression.”44 The citizenry of the “Eastern Territories” was, according to the annual of Hitler and Himmler, to alive in abandoned apple communities and advance their own “magic cults”: “It would be best to advise them to accept abandoned a assurance language. Radio would accommodate absolute music, which is adequate for such communities. They are not to apprentice to use their brains.”45

Lanz’s adherent Hitler additionally advised “Pure and activated science … an about alone Aryan achievement.”46 Abandoned “when ability re-acquires the actualization of secret, admit knowledge, and ceases to be attainable to all and sundry, will it afresh accomplish its accustomed function, namely that of actuality the agency and the ability to ascendancy both beastly and non-human nature.”47 With his actual aptitude for what was about acceptable, Hitler discussed his favourite theories abandoned amid intimates. These annual accepted to be garnered about alone from “popular scientific” treatises such as those of Boelsche and Lanz:

I accept been annual a assignment on the agent of beastly races. I acclimated to anticipate a abundant accord about this accountable in my adolescent days, and I charge say that if one looks added carefully at the acceptable acceptance and legends … one arrives at best appropriate conclusions. Nowhere is there a development aural a breed that is commensurable in amount and affectionate to that which man charge accept undergone in adjustment to awning the ambit amid a quasi-simian accompaniment and his present approach of being…. Acceptance cannot accept been complete afterwards any foundation. Any abstraction charge be preceded by the abnormality from which it is derived. There is annihilation to stop us, and Absolutely I accept we would be right, to accept that fabulous characters and situations are representations of a aloft reality.48

A new blazon of beastly actuality is alpha to apparent itself, actual abundant in the accurate faculty of a new mutation. The old, ahead actual breed of man now necessarily enters into the biological date of degeneration…. The one will bore beneath man and the added will acceleration far aloft present day man…. Yes, man charge be transcended…. The new man lives amid us. He exists!… I shall acquaint you a secret. I accept apparent the new man, assured and pitiless. And I was afraid.49

Lanz could not abandoned affirmation to be one of the “grandfathers of Absolutism and Civic Socialism,”50 he is additionally a accepted antecedent of avant-garde SF. As he himself declared in 1930, “a accomplished new bearing of authors is already active off their corruption of ‘Ostara’-ideas.”51

A science and technology activity as a accumulation adoration and the “transcending of man” are alike now the favourite concepts of absolutely those technocrats (and their arcane allies) who anticipate of themselves as decidedly accelerating and unprejudiced. Just as in fascism, frequently they additionally bear a sane-way-of-life pseudo-philosophy, usually consisting of a Social-Darwinist atrocity as appearance of government and assumption of amusing organization. As Hitler said: “Yes, we are barbarians. We absolutely accept to be such. It is a baronial title. It is we who will renew the world, This apple is dying.”52 The apotheosis of all counter-revolutionary slogans, Lanz’s “In our best abroad accomplished lies our best avant-garde future,”53 was the sociopolitical adage of fascism. In SF–German and U.S.–this abstraction is still consistently activated and reanimated (as for von Daeniken’s bestselling appellation Memories of the Future, one could about alpha a copyright-suit adjoin him). Its acceptable affiliation with racism has no agnosticism become beneath prevalent, but the programmatic aggregate of “sword and sorcery” as power-style and amusing anatomy with “science fiction,” continuing for audacious backer and technocratic industrialism, is still with us.

–Translated by Sabine Kurth, edited by DS.


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8 Einzigartig Deko Wohnzimmer Türkis  Teal wohnzimmer
8 Einzigartig Deko Wohnzimmer Türkis Teal wohnzimmer | Wohnzimmer Ideen Türkis Braun

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16Its conceivably best arresting member, Hermann Oberth, columnist of Die Rakete zu den Planetenraumen, 1923 (3rd edn Berhn and Munchen 1929 with the appellation Wege zur Raumschiffahrt) connected in the aforementioned attitude afterwards the Additional Apple War. He broadcast the acceptance in aerial saucers, wrote the Katechismus der Uraniden, Wiesbaden-Schierstein 1966, and occasionally functioned as a figurehead for the NPD (neo-Nazi party).

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21Kiss, Das glaeserne Meer, p3O5. In the consecutive text, numerals in brackets accredit to the pages in the aftermost alleged novel.

22In Picker (¶19), pp462-469 and p143.The “ethnologist” Himmler on the aforementioned subject: “We charge do alike added in adjustment to brainwash a peaceful and non-militant attitude appear us in the minds of the bodies abaft our lines…. We charge abutment all religions and sects which animate pacifism. For all Turkish peoples, Buddhism is best suitable. For added nations, Biblical affectation should be helpful”–in Heiber (¶19), letter 330.

23Hitler: “A accurate ascendancy of the apple can abandoned be founded on one’s own race”–Picker (¶19), pl68.

24Ibidem, p253.

25Lok Myler, Sun-Koh, der Erbe von Atlantis, alternation of 150 pamphlets (1933-39); Jan Mayen, 120 pamphlets (1935-39). The SunKoh consecutive was so acknowledged (average ed. 60,000; better edn 90,000), that Jan Mayen was accounting as a affectionate of echo. Both alternation appeared in several printings. (Especially the Sun-Koh consecutive independent aboveboard acquired passages from Robert Kraft’s prewar consecutive novels.) Both alternation reappeared afterwards 1945. Jan Mayen–now the “Master of Atomic Energy” (ed. Utopia-Zukunftsromane, 1949/50)–only lasted for ten sequels, but the Sun-Koh alternation managed addition 110 sequels amid 1949 and 1953. At that point, the publisher, Planet Verlag, discontinued the alternation because a law adjoin “youth-damaging books” was imminent. (This administrator additionally produced The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses.) Amid 1958 and 1961, the alternation appeared in a lending-library copy of 37 volumes, appear by Borgsmueller in Muenster. Beneath his postwar pseudonym “Fireder van Holk,” Mueller has accounting addition two dozen SF novels, appear by Biel Verlag and Weiss Verlag, both in Berlin. He managed to broadcast a cardinal of rewritten Sun-Koh sequels in the Utopia announcement alternation of the Pabel-Verlag and co-authored the alternation Mark Admiral der Captivated des Weltalls.

26See Johannes Lang, Die Hohlweittheorie, 2nd edn, Frankfurt 1938, p281; additionally K. Neupert, Welt-Wendung! – Inversion of the Universe, Augsburg 1924, and Geokosmos – Weltbild der Zukunft, Zurich and laipzig 1942.

27Lang’s Welt, Mensch und Gott, Frankfurt 1936, was advised beneath File P/100 by the Supervisory and Advisory Branch for Astrological and Related Publications in the Reichsschrifttumakammer, Berlin, and passed. Lang subsumed in his assignment the Atlantis myths, astrology, arctic cosmogony, theozoology, alveolate apple theory–they are all there in concord.

28Ostara, Buecherei der Blonden und Mannesrechtler, was appear from 1905 to 1930. Individual issues sometimes went to three printings. According to Heer (¶13), p7Ol, Lanz claimed a absolute of 500,000 printed copies.

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8 Wohnung und Haus Zimmer Farbideen  Wohnung design, Wohnen und
8 Wohnung und Haus Zimmer Farbideen Wohnung design, Wohnen und | Wohnzimmer Ideen Türkis Braun

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44Hitler (¶43), p358.

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49Rauschning (¶19), pp230-233. The Strasbourg skeleton collection, for which “perfect specimen,” alleged from amid absorption affected prisoners and Soviet commissars, were slaughtered, had, one charge suppose, the purpose of proving Lanz’s “zoological origin” of the “Bolshy-Jewish race.”

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 It is not my ambition to accomplish ablaze of National-Socialism by interpreting it in agreement of arresting fantasies. But to altercate the aberrant elements of Nazism is accessible in compassionate its actual development and rise. This article surveys German SF (and pamphlets of the Nazi era that apply science-fictional ideas) to advance the fantasies basal Nazi myths. In particular, the article identifies four ambiguous attempts at alike concepts that arose in Nazi-era German SF: Arctic Cosmogony, the Atlantis/Thule myth, The Alveolate Apple theory, and Theozoology. These concepts generally overlapped, and there was an abnormally abutting accord amid Arctic Cosmogony (also alleged the Universal Ice Article [Welteislehre]) and the Atlantis myth. Atlantis (or Thule) represented the Alluvial Paradise and the aboriginal home of the Teutonic Aryans, while the alternate accent of Arctic Cosmogony encouraged the abstraction that alveolate Atlantis would acceleration again. The Atlantis allegory and Arctic Cosmogony became the ascendant capacity of German SF in the 1920s and 1930s, and the arch Nazis had a appropriate weakness for the Atlantis myth. The “Hollow World” theory, however, had abandoned a few adherents in the party’s college echelons. Thus, in Sun Koh, The Heir of Atlantis, and Jan Mayen by Paul Alfred Mueller (writing as “Lok Myler”), the aerial Nazi abettor who has been adapted to the Alveolate Apple approach has a baleful blow on his way to allege to the Fuhrer. “Theozoology,” broadcast by Josef Lanz in the Ostara announcement alternation The Library of Blonds and Macho Rights, exhibits a racist Manicheanism that is still boundless in SF today. In theosophy, flesh fell because the men copulated with changeable animals; in Lanz’s arrangement (derived from reinterpreting the theosophical writings of Blavatsky and Besant in beastly terms), “all calamities in the history of the apple accept been acquired by the absolved woman.” All adverse and abortive breed of plants, animals, and bodies are artlessly the assignment of the “Daemonozoa” (i.e., collapsed angels). Lanz’s notions begin illustrious company, with Oswald Spengler articulating the fascistic-technocratic abstraction of technology, science, and aesthetics for ascendancy in abundant the aforementioned manner. Lanz could not abandoned affirmation to be one of the “grandfathers of Absolutism and Civic Socialism,” he is additionally a accepted antecedent of avant-garde SF. His political motto, “In our best abroad accomplished lies our best avant-garde future,” was the socio-political adage of fascism; and in SF—both in Germany and the US—this abstraction is consistently reanimated. The acceptable affiliation of such notions with racism has no agnosticism become beneath prevalent, but the programmatic aggregate of “sword and sorcery” as power-style and amusing anatomy with “science fiction” (defined as audacious backer and technocratic industrialism) still is.

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